AI-powered platform for interior design professionals that saves valuable time on product search and project management

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OCCO is a DesignTech startup on a mission to digitalize the world of interior design

Our platform breaks down borders in the furniture industry, provides quick access to product information and makes the entire design process efficient and convenient


Fast product search with smart AI technology


Great selection of high-quality European brands


Quick access to product prices and technical files


Easy and effective project management


Real-time overview of all projects and budgets

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Casper Schwarz Architects

The OCCO platform provides surprising and interesting search results that have led us to different choices and proposals in our interior design projects. It is great to learn about new or unfamiliar manufacturers and their products.

Casper Schwarz

Casper Schwarz Architects


I like the large selection of different high end brands mixed together with more affordable alternatives. This allows you to complete your project within budget with only one partner and point of contact, which is very effective for the client.

Heleen Eilers Samat


LÄVI Architects

I consider pleasant and considerate communication to be the most important. We always find an answer to every possible question. And of course - the variety of choices - you can find all the right products for every budget and taste.

Rasmus Kabun

LÄVI Architects

Architect 11

The OCCO platform is definitely a step in the right and much-needed direction. We see an important place for it in our team's work when creating future interior design projects. OCCO's team is always ready to respond quickly and help. We really believe it has a good potential to become an everyday tool for interior architects.

Jan Plaan

Architect 11

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This digital platform is brought to you by the talented OCCO team

We are a team of ambitious people who get excited about simplifying complex processes and creating value for our users. “No” is not a word that belongs to OCCO’s vocabulary and we are always willing to take the extra step.

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Rakell Pärnamäe

Rakell Pärnamäe

Product Ambassador

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