Key to a Happy Place

OCCO´s mission is to inspire people with extraordinary spaces

Our innovative digital tool simplifies time consuming tasks and provides a variety of features and benefits, making Interior Architects' work process seamless and diverse.

Personal experience

Self-learning feed developed according to your preferences

Quick search results

Save time with our smart product or alternative product search

Largest selection of brands

Find all the famous brands of Europe together in one place

Easy project management

Real-time overview of all your clients´ projects and budgets

Community benefits

Exclusive bonus system and other benefits for our partners

This digital tool is brought to you by a talented OCCO team

  • Diverse skillset
  • Professional communication
  • In-depth industry knowledge


Our team will focus on your specific needs and requirements

Ander Sõõrumaa


User experience is very important to us. It means earning our customers’ satisfaction every day. We built our digital tool to be functional and easy to use, but also to bring more inspiration, joy and excitement to the creative work of Interior Architects.

Paul Veetõusme


In a very short time we've managed to team up with the best talents from the industry. We work with well-known brands from all over Europe and the list is growing. We all share the same passion and it keeps us doing what we do.

Mikk Lepind


We approach every customer personally. Our goal is to build effective relationships for the long term and to create a sense of community. Clients trust us to provide them with the tools that fit their specific needs. We aim to stay ahead of our game.

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Thursday 27.05.2021

OCCO breidt uit

Het van oorsprong Estische OCCO verandert met een digitale designtool de wereld van interieurontwerpers en architecten.


Tuesday 07.09.2021

Welcome to OCCO showroom during GLUE Amsterdam from 16.09-19.09.

OCCO is opening its brand new showroom during GLUE Amsterdam 2021.


Tuesday 21.12.2021

New office space for Huisartsen Eemland BV helps Eemland´s GPs feel more connected.

Interior Architect Heleen Eilers Samat from buroDesk together with OCCO created the new office for Huisartsen Eemland BV.


Monday 27.09.2021

Thank you for visiting our Showroom opening party!

We have now opened OCCO´s showroom in Amsterdam with a bang! You are all very welcome to come and check us out at Sarphatikade 14!

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Iela Chau

" I´m here to discover synergies and help build a community in the design world. I´d love to tell you more about our digital tool and discover ways in which we can work together. Let's set up a call and discuss the details! "

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